Impex kayaks

i’ve read the reviews on this site but am hungry for more. they seem to be very Brit/Greenland in almost every respect. nice signature style as well. they look nicely finished and decent prices.

do any of you experienced paddlers have one or paddled one? what’s the scoop on these boats; are they the real deal or pretenders?

Fine Boats

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and better with the VCP hatches. More volume than I need but most folks seem to think that "real" boat has to be ready for an expedition that they'll never take. :)

I find that boats are generally the "real deal." If there is any "pretending", it's generally with the paddler than anything else. (grin)


BTW, if you really can't hear enough about Impex, you should go to their site which has a forum for all things Impex. But like any manufacturer's dedicated forum, it can get boring pretty quick once you get the specs and various folks' loaddown on the boat you're interested in.

demo impressions
i’ve demo’d their Irie, and the older model Susquehanna that did not have the VCP hatch covers - i agree with Sing that the new covers apparently resolve previous leaking problems - nice, crisp handling boats - multi chined, so comfortable for both beginner and more advanced - the Susquehanna was a carbon/kevlar model, and was VERY responsive to any degree of lean, and it took very little to turn it - they are nicely finished, and with their chat room, seem to have a loyal following - - as sing mentioned, the chat room can be of help, as other owners will give you info about particular models, but, and no criticism intended, the usual answer from Danny, their whatever, is to call him to discuss your particular area of interest - good for the questioner, but it leaves any other interested party hanging, and if they’re like me, they probably don’t make a call of their own, because once they have your name and number - - - =:-/

Anyone have an opinion between
the Impex Montauk and P & H Vela? Trialed the Vela a couple of weeks ago but so far not the Montauk. I couldn’t really see the difference as to why the Montauk was nearly $1000 less than the Vela. I am a 125 lb female and 45 lbs is tops in the weight category and am looking at 15-1/2 to 16 feet.

Expedition boats
> More volume than I need but most folks seem to think that “real” boat has to

be ready for an expedition that they’ll never take. :slight_smile:

Very true.

Funny thing is, that when actually planning an expedition the cost of a new boat is the least worry. Especially since many kayak expeditions is completed using cheap and durable PE-kayaks.


Impex impressed me!
I’ll admit to being biased from the outset. When my wife & I started our outfitting business/paddling school we looked at about 6 different manufacturers that we had dealt with over the years to find one that produced a high end performance composite line that had something to like all across the line up. Impex offered that in spades. We only use composite kayaks for all our classes/trips/tours and the difference in our students learning and distances we cover is noticeably greater than when we used to use poly. Don’t get me wrong, poly is great for dashing off rocks, in fact I recommend the Prijon boats for just that purpose, for all you rock garden junkies, but the Mystic, Montauk, Currituck, Assateague & now Outer Island line up are really beatifully responsive kayaks sized to the paddler. The Impex site is a good resource but I’ll also plug mine as it has an extensive photo album showing all of these in use, more often than not by beginners.

Something else of note is that Impex is small, as far as a corp. goes. The pres. (Danny) is an ACA Advanced Open Water Instructor and everyone else in the head office is a die hard paddler, so the suits in the boardrooom are usually … I can’t bring myself to finish that pun (ala: drysuit/wetsuit theme, need more coffee)

Anyway if you’re looking for a Brit. influenced Western Greenland style kayak that fits, feels and performs beatifully then yes, take the opportunity and take one out for a few miles.

See you on the water (as always),


The Vela

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is a good boat for your size, especially if you're doing more day trips. It'll still handle a load for a weekend, or more if you're careful about packing and don't need the kitchen sink.

I am 5'3" and 140 lbs. I have the Montauk. It handles pretty well and feels very comfortable for all sorts of maneuver. However, I don't camp and it windy, textured conditions, the Montauk still handles pretty well unloaded. But, it so much easier with my SOF because it has less volume, less weight and less freeboard to get kicked around by winds.

Mostly day tripping, get the Vela. If camping is on the agenda, go with the Montauk.


PS. Why the Vela so much more expensive? It's a "Brit" boat, my dear... For some, that has cache. It also involves additional cost of shipping and customs. I hear tell (but don't ask me) that an American company may have a boat along the size of the Vela in the coming year, with the purpose of rough water handling for adventuresome, small size, day trippers. So, if you're not in a rush...

My wife has had an Impex Mystic for a year. It has the VCP hatches, IR backband…I think ‘04 boats have a seat cushion & maybe Werner foot braces.

She is 5’6", 125lbs, & wanted a composite boat that isn’t too long & heavy for her to car top, as well as not too big for her size. The Mystic is 14’ & appx. 40 lbs. She is still very happy with it after a year of regular use in the ocean, rivers, and lakes.

The quality is there, the company is very responsive, the price point is attractive. The company is based out of Asheville, NC.

All told the Impex lineup is very complete, so they should offer an appealing boat for your size and expected conditions.


Good boats
Impex, especially the newer ones with Valley hatches are very nice boats.

They are very well made. They are outfitted well: Valley hatches, IR backbands, etc…

If you are in the market for a ‘Brit style’ boat you should really check them out.

They are much lighter than most Brit boats, esp VCP & NDK.

For comparison, try a Romany LV. Unless you need the ability to smash into rocks and greatly prefer the handling and fit of the Romany, you are probably better off with a Montauk.

is a bit thinner than usual , at least that is my understanding, press down on the hull and you’ll see a bit more flex , this will not influance your paddling except maybe in the way you “mistreat " the boat . That aside I find them to be very nice although I have not had the oppurtunity to paddle their 04 boats as the outfitter I work for no longer carries them.Especially like the stern hatch on the Sesquahanna , no problem stowin a 12” fry pan inside.

not that it matters, but
i believe all their boats are made by Formula Kayaks out of Canada

Love my Montauk
I’ve paddled my Montauk for two years and love every aspect of it. I compared it at purchase to the Eddieline Nighthawk, Dagger Meridian, several CD models. The Montauk easily impressed me over the others in how it paddled, design, edging ability, features and overall quality.

I purhcased the MOntauk based on my size. If I were any larger, the Cuurituck would have been the boat. Outer Island next?

NIce boats

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I have paddled the susquehanna extensively and love it. I weigh 220. I can fit into the montauk but will only paddle it on flatish water. I fear I would pearl it in any kind of waves

The standard lay up is a bit flexy but will certainly hold up to anything but heavy rock bashing.

I have never seen gel coat cracks fron flexing but have seen them in a ten a old boat around the footpeg track anchor screws.

I find their customer service very responsive and their boats are designed and built with pride.

Impex just charges less
than most companies.

But the vela and the montauk are very different kayaks. The montauk is 16 feet, 22 in wide, rounded chines, v-hull. Vela is hard chined, 15 feet 21 in wide and round bottom. Very different.

…and THIS from an SOTer!

I’ve tried the Serenity Sport, the Susquehanna, and the Assateague.

The Susquehanna was OK, the Serenity was very nice, and the Assateague was absoultely terrific…

Indeed, if it came down to it, and I could some up with (OK, OK, justify to Sally) the money, it’d be a tough choice between the Assateague, a QCC700, an Epic 18, or one of 3 CDs -the Caribou, the Solstice GTS (NOT HV), or the Extreme…

So I don’t think you could go TOO far wrong if you got one of the Impex line to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

2 cents
Montauk is loose in the bow, Vela isn’t.


My husband and I
have owned Curritucks for a couple of years, and we love them. I am 5’3.5", 150 lbs, and my husband is 5’10" and 185 lbs. I personally don’t think there is too much volume - these are lower-profile kayaks, which is another reason I like them. I don’t feel as if I’m paddling a bathtub. The Currituck fits us both well, and is a quick, nimble boat. The seats are comfortable enough for all-day paddling. And Danny is a great guy who will go out of his way to make the customer happy.

I make it a point to go to the East Coast Kayak and Canoe festival every year, and wear myself out demoing almost every boat there. The Impex boats impressed us with their comfort and speed above all the other boats I’ve tried.

Give 'em a demo and see what you think - I’d be interested in your impressions.

If you liked the Assateague, you should really like the Currituck - unless you really need the big cockpit and broader beam of the Assateague.

Impex is on “my” short list…
I have seen and paddled several Imopex boats, and have been impressed. I am waiting to try their Asseteague next spring, as it is on my REAL SHORT list.

… Their quality and Gel Coat colors has been very impressive! “Fit and finish” is super

MY ass-a-teeg…LOL! I squoze down into that thang and I felt like I was wearing a rigid spandex boat, L… Guess it’s MY broad beam that requires one of the boat I’m paddling as well…

I think that’s why I liked both the Solstice GTS and the A -they both fit me quite well…

And maybe that’s why I like my Old Scupper Pro TW SOT -it has a deep, but just-right-and-tight seat -for my bottom.

Maybe I will try a Carrituck if I get the chance -if I can fuit IN it to then

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami