Impex modification: toggle addition

i have an Impex kayak with the carry handles. they are generally fine, but i have seen the wisdom of end toggles for various situations, including carrying/dragging your boat when needed. i would like to remove the handles and add toggles. this would require drilling through the tips of the bow and stern to accomplish. i can’t see a reason why not to, but it is only prudent to pause and ruminate, when contemplating drilling holes thought your boat!

has anyone out there done this? any advice as to how to go about it? once hole is drilled, should i put anything in the hole? size? is ABS pipe as good as a custom toggle?

any thoughts are appreciated.

You might want to contact Danny at Impex. Ask him if that would impact the structure of the boat. This is done all of the time when building a kayak…but there is either a solid piece of wood or a solid epoxy mass to drill through. I don’t know for sure…but I would think it would create problems drilling throught the tips of your kayak without knowing whether it could handle it structurally.

If you contact Danny…let us know what he says.


No brainer to do… call me if you
want and I will talk you through it… several options/too much to write.

Toggles are the way to go.

Why not just tie the toggles right to the grab loops? You could make a toggle retainer too, so they don’t flop around so much.

No Pain…
to you or the boat. And it works fine.


the pants and suspenders
action on the newer impex kayaks is my only complaint with impex.

The handle and having the grab toggle is silly, why not have one or the other. And also teh toggles were prone to breaking off when you least expected it, we dropped a few demos due to this problem…