Impex Montauk vs Mystic: anyone who’s paddled both?

Do these two feel similar or pretty different? I own a Montauk and am thinking about checking out a used Mystic (fiberglass model not RM). The Mystic is 2 feet shorter but said to be fast nonetheless. Would it feel sluggish after paddling a 16-foot boat? It’s a longish drive and I wouldn’t be able to paddle it, just sit in it, so I wondered if anyone here might’ve paddled both and can give me any insight. I think maybe Sing has if he’s around… thanks in advance!

Depends on what type of venue/conditions and with whom (if anyone) you paddle with. The Montauk is a slightly faster boat with “all round” design that tries to give enough rocker for play and enough waterline to keep up with the average group of paddlers. It’s also have enough volume for overnighter trips. As a smaller paddler (5’3" @ 140 lbs back then), I got rid of the Montauk in favor of my self built, 17’ (long)x 17" (width) SOF, because I realize that I didn’t need the extra volume of the Montauk as I was only doing day trips

The Mystic is definitely more of day/play boat. Its shorter length and rocker make it more playful in waves and textured conditions. It’ll take a little more effort, but doable, to keep up with the average touring group on a day trip. However, if you hang with a group that likes to go a bit faster, you would be better off with the Montauk. If you hang with a group that thinks every outing is an unofficial race, then you should go with a slightly longer and/or less rockered boat than the Montauk for more point a-b type paddling.

My experience, FWIW,


Thank you, Sing, that’s helpful. My spouse and I are slightly advanced beginners. I’m currently paddling the Montauk and he’s in an Avocet RM. I really like the Montauk so far, but it’s my first composite boat, so I don’t have enough experience to compare it to much else. He likes the Avocet a lot too, but it’s a real pig in terms of weight, and also I’m faster than he is in my Montauk. So I wondered if maybe he should take the Montauk (which is maybe a bit wider than ideal for me) and I’d try the Mystic. We’re still only doing day trips and not sure if that will change or not. But also we’re just shopping for an affordable 2nd composite boat, and the Mystic popped up. The lighter weight (I think 12 lbs lighter than the Avocet) is appealing. I’m about 5’6” and 130-135. Hm.