Impex Mystic Cable

I bought a used Impex Mystic for my son. He’s 9 and paddles like a champ. The only problem is that the boat leaks from the skeg cable. The outer part of the cable is broken just above the skeg box. There was a glob of silicone around it. My question is do I need to replace the whole cable? Can I seal it with Lexel? Do I need to put glass and epoxy around the break? Any other suggestions? Thanks for any advice. :=)

a bit more information
Is it the raceway that the cable is in that’s broken? If it is that should be simple to replace, though you’ll have to replace the whole thing.

If you need to replace the cable, you can contact the Kayak Academy or Impex to get a new skeg and cable assembly as the cable is molded into the skeg.

more info
Raceway…is that the black plastic cover that the cable slides inside? If so, that’s the piece that’s broken.

That goes through the rear bulkhead, behind the seat, and is sealed, generally, with a flexible sealant. Usually, this is a 1/4" poly tubing and should be available at your local hardware store. IF the skeg cable is OK, remove the skeg/cable ass’y, taking care not to damage it, and replace the tubing as “repairing” it just doesn’t work. Then thread the cable back in and done.!

Thank you. I couldn’t see truly fixing it without replacing the tubing. I picked up the tubing. Generally, will a firm tug pull the tubing out? Can I use Lexel or silicone sealant to hold the tubing in place? thanks again. Lil’ man is excited to help fix his boat.

Make sure you use a sealant that is for marine applications. I think you can use lexel, but stay away from silicone.

Thanks again
OK…I’ll find some marine sealant. Now I just need to get the old one out and we’ll be good as new. Thanks again for your help. :=)