Impex Mystic Plastic?

A reputable local dealer has a used Impex Mystic - described as the first and only plastic kayak they ever made. It’s a great price and several people here told me to look at this model (the composite it out of my price range). Do you know anything about this boat? The dealer says it’s about 3 yrs old and has not been in the water in 2 yrs. I want to go try it tomorrow. What do you think?

Plastic mystic?
Can’t say I know much about a plastic one, but a friend of mine has one in fiberglass. All I can tell you is that a Mystic is a very nice boat, no matter what it’s made of. I love the looks of hers and would have one myself except that I can’t fit my fat behind into it. Ha ha.

(a regular here)has one and likes it.

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Posted by: sing on Dec-22-03 2:34 PM (EST)

need a skeg either. I was out yesterday in the RM mystic. I was surprised how in 15-20 knots, the boat doesn’t weather cock at all. I didn’t use the skeg at all. However, heading back to the launch, into headwinds of 19 knots and 25 knot gusts, I was only able to manage 2 nautical miles in 1 hour 20 minutes. A little more length and less beam would have helped some there. :slight_smile:


5’3", 140lbs and having a heck of a lot of fun with a used Impex Mystic RM (plastic) in winds and waves recently.

Mystic Owner
Hi. I am the proud owner of a Mystic Impex (fiberglass). I love this boat, and if it is the same shape in plastic as I have, then you will truly enjoy it. It is made for a small paddler with little feet, however. Make sure you are not too big. It’s a perfect fit for me and I’m 5’5". Hope you find it fun to paddle.

Yup, Got One

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it's not exactly the same as the composite. I believe it's a inch more of beam at 22.5'. Has a skeg with a sliding cable control. The seat also can be moved along four preset slots. If you get the seat at the right place for a good balance and a neutral trim, you won't need to use the skeg much as she'll won't weathercock much. BTW, some come with a rudder. (I personally don't like rudders because they get in the way and end up scratching my car always... *L* ) The bulkheads are made of foam, as with most plastic kayaks, with hard plastic hatches. I don't even have to test it, I just know those hatches will have seepage. Since I "play" in waves (as opposed to going on a long tour) with this boat in the ocean, I backed up with float bags in both the front and back hatches.

It's not the fastest boat, I can average 3-3.5 MPH with her easily. In a sprint, I max out at about 5.5 MPH and I can see the bow really pushing a serious wake.

Here's a pic of one:


impex Mystic
I like mine, an '04 Impex Mystic fiberglass. I need to work on my paddling though, I do find using a tiny bit of skeg in some ocean conditions to be necessary but I’m a novice paddler so I’m still learning. It is a wonderful boat though for the shallow rivers and lakes and the occasional oceans that I do…

It is odd that under’s reviews the Impex Mystic is under “Pyranha” and not “Impex” so if you’re looking for user reviews of the Mystic, search under Pyranha… Is Impex/Pyranha one and the same?


Yes. Related Companies
or under the same umbrella company. Pyrahna mostly markets white water boats.


Impex help
I emailed Danny at Impex (he responds to questions/comments on behalf of Impex at their message board)and he answered me and told me to call him. He was very helpful - explained that the plastic Mystic was made by Impex by a previous owner and when the company was purchased they stopped making it. There are apparently some quality issues to be aware of and he told me what to look for. He also went on to explain that Pyranha bought the molds to continue to make it - under the name Pilot - and actually improved it tremendously. But, they are no longer making now either.

I’m very impressed that he conctacted me personally, especially since I had already said I couldn’t afford his composite Mystic.

Danny is pretty impressive
On of the assetts that will keep impex afloat in stormy seas.