impex mystic?

I stopped by a local kayak shop today and got talking with the owner. As it happens he’s got an Impex Mystic sitting in the shed that’s never been paddled and he’s willing to sell it for the right price. The dilemma is that I’m 5’8" and 170lbs, will I be OK in the boat? I only ask because the reccomended paddler weight is 90-180lbs. I’ve never paddled the boat and the shop isn’t on the water otherwise I’d have asked to give it a whirl. Thanks.

Impex: Mystic

I have 2 Impex: Mystic’s in our rental fleet, and I think they are a great boat for a smaller paddler. You will find the Mystic, super light and easy to handle…your problem will be if you intend to use this for extended tripping and you “load” the boat for several nights…

I’d say buy it if your intension is to do day trips and paddle on some lakes and do an overnight…but if your thinking that this is the inexpensive way to get a “touring kayak” and your intension is to do multi-day trips…try a different kayak.

Hope that helps…you can try ours if you are located in northern Minnesota!

Thanks for the offer and the info, but i’m out on Long Island about 2-3 days drive from you. I don’t intend on doing much more with this boat that taking it out in the local rivers, bays, and creeks. If I ever do any over nights though, it’ll be one night and I pack light. 20-30 lbs when I got backpacking, so I should be safe i guess.

The Impex line are very fine boats in general. I paddled three at a demo day this Spring. I am 5’8" and 190lbs. I needed a shoehorn to get into the Mystic and Montaulk and the low deck made it uncomfortable for me (cramping my feet). The Currituck fit me much better - the point being try before your buy. At a minimum sit in the boat at the shop. Otherwise someone may get a real good deal on a slightly used Mystic off this board!

thanks again
I’m a firm believer in try before you buy, so I’ll at least sit in it before I take it home to see how it fits. I’m wondering if there’s a max capacity for the boat, because impex doesn’t list one on their site.

i recently inquired about the same boat - i’m, 6’ 170#, 9 1/2 shoe - i was told that the boat was designed more with the small paddler in mind - it’s cockpit height is only 11" - i found the montauk a nice snug fit at 12.5", but would not want to be in anything tighter

Like many smaller boats…
…the Mystic makes a great “play/day” boat for larger paddlers. I know a few people in your size range that have them and they like them a lot.

Where are you?
I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of places where you can try one:

Amagansett Beach Shop - I tried a Mystic out there once. Such a nice place to put in. I think it’s about $40 for half a day or a quick spin for nothing.

Peconic Paddler has a Sea Breeze in their rental fleet which I’m almost sure is the Mystic without the skeg. They also have Mystics they might let you demo.


If I had the money I’d really like to get the montauk, but I dont. The more I think about it I’d like to wait until I can get some more money together and go for the montauk. I stopped by peconic paddler the other day but it was closed by the time I got there. Also where is the amagansett beach shop? Is it Main Beach? does anyone know of a used montauk for sale? The more I think about it, if I wait a while, I’d really like the montauk.

It’s Past Main Beach
If memory serves, Main Beach is in Wainscott. Amagansett Beach Shop is along the same road (Montauk Highway) in Amagansett ( It’s on the south side of the road. It’s on a corner, and it looks kind of small (but they have a garage across the street full of boats).

I’d give them both a call ( and see if one of them doesn’t have a Montauk on ahnd as well.

Good luck…Lou

Seabreeze vs. Mystic
The difference is that the Seabreeze doesn’t have a front bulkhead or hatch. The hull is the same. My girlfriend had a Seabreeze up until recently and really liked it. The only reason she sold it was that she didn’t use it enough and she has a friend who really wanted it.