Impex Mystic

Hello all…over on the classified section for Florida, there’s an “Impex Mystic poly version” for sale @ $500…I thought Impex only made glass and Kevlar yaks…any ideas or comments?

poly Mystic
Sing has/had a poly one and enjoyed it. They were apparently made for a short time(by Pyranha?) but are not currently produced.

if you don’t want it
i do! serious, my daughter paddled a mystic and fell in love. i don’t want to snake your boat but if you don’t want it…

I paddled Sing’s
Poly Mystic at during a surf session in New Hampshire last Thanksgiving. I liked how it handled 3-4 ft breaking waves. It was a little slow on the open water but it makes a very capable day boat.

Pyrhana pilot
My girlfriend has a pilot and was told that it is a plastic version of the mystic. She loves the boat and is a good fit for smaller paddlers. Her’s has a sealine rudder.

I bought my poly Mystic…
about four or five years ago. As stated, it’s no longer being produced. My hatches just have a shell covering, so they’re not watertight. I use it as a river boat. It’s held up very well and it’s a good boat for smaller paddlers.

It’s A Fun Playboat…

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but as someone noted, the hatch covers... ahh... suck... as in takes in water big time when upside down.

I made full full size flotation bags (as in fill entirely) for the bulkheads. These get blown up before heading out for any type of play.


PS. You need to add on aftermarket thigh braces to get more contact and better control. Otherwise the coaming is too big for a smaller paddler.