Impex Outer Island Ocean Cockpit - Skirt

Just put on an Immersion Research Wildwater neoprene sprayskirt on my new Impex Outer Island Ocean Cockpit and it fits fine but was wondering, what other skirts work well for this small opening cockpit. Suggestions?

Jay Babina did a beautiful job designing this kayak. Going to play hookey I think and go get it wet.

See you on the water,


Hyde Park, NY

SnapDragon XXS Deck
I and some other AA paddlers around here find the Snapdragon XXS Deck skirts work very nicely with OCs including SOF boats. The Snapdragon has a feature which is really nice in that the rear of the skirt curls downward so it just naturally slips over the coaming.

Anas Acuta sized skirt
Size 00 I believe will fit, though this cockpit might stretch it a little. Should work though.

Best option is a ‘summer tuilik’ or Aquilisaaq…which looks alot like a regular spray skirt, but has both a looser “tunnel” area and adjusts over a limited range to different sized cockpits.

For those who are wondering, I think the OI OC internal cockpit size is 16 inch x 23.5 inch according to Marshall.


23.5 inches by 16
My SOF is 15 x 19 for one of them, another at 16 x 20. 23.5 inches sure seems long to me for an OC.


Brooks’ akuilisaq is perfect for it.
Great to hear that ocean cockpit version is out though!

Marshall- Neat boat!
Thanks for the pic of that oh so sweet Impex OUter Island with OC. I will really look forward to your detailed review of that boat. I was thinking seriously about a purchase, but my local retailer does not have an Outer Island and likely won;t have one until next year. Even then, itb is unlikely to have the desired OC, as you basically have the only one!

Nice photos, thank you. I will enjoy your review and more on water pictures.


Anas Acuta cockpit size?
Isn’t this one larger than the Anas Acuta cockpit? I know the Superior Arctic Hawk comes in a 20 inch or 24 inch ocean cockpit size and had the WS version that was about 20 inches long.

Yes, 23.5 inside length is pretty darn long but definitely an improvement over 32 inches!

I may have to take a drive to see Marshall soon.


BBras, what’s the size of the Keyhole OI
I emailed you. Thanks for your advice. CD1

2005 OI Review

That’s a shame
It sounds like they used roughly the same size as Betsie Bay, which has all the disadvantages of both types of cockpits (keyhole and ocean) without the advantages of either. That’s a serious marketing mistake, as it won’t appeal to either keyhole or ocean cockpit devotees. Why is it that some companies just can’t bring themselves to produce a true ocean cockpit, a la VCP/VSK?

Larger Ocean cockpit
The major reason for the larger opening is we wanted to preserve the distance behind the seat that the large cockpit model had. It was discussed with SOF rollers and more. It was a tremendous advantage in lay back rolling. To make a standard ocean cockpit size would have lost that. You have to remember that that the Anas and Nordcapp didn’t have rolling in mind when they came up with what is considered the normal ocean cockpit size. The distance behind the seat and the low back deck are real nice features that OI uses would never want to abandon. The ocean size cockpit in front of the knees, now gives the paddler the opportunity of use the solid type of bracing that is always lost with large openings, even keyholes. (if that’s what you like)

When you lay back in an OI, nothing is there. Perhaps the few ocean cockpit manufactures will learn from this.

Sounds good
If I understand it correctly Jay, the distance from the seat to the foredeck on the OI is about the same as the “normal,small” OC so the feel is the same for control while the distance behind is greater leading to the increased length, but that is OK and is a benefit for storing stuff behind seat and for layback based stuff.

sounds like good reasoning Jay…
I agree with Brian regarding his criticism of the Betsie Bay cockpit but again that’s because the seat was placed too far back relative to the rear coaming. Of course the Betsie Bays aren’t the greatest rolling boats to begin (3 inch high coamings don’t help either) with so when I had one I moved the seat forward quite a bit to help out in that regard.