Impex, QCC, Lincoln – need some input

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I’m doing research on my next kayak and, for the moment, have it narrowed down to four different boats.

I'm 6ft 1in tall. 190 lbs. Average build.

What I’m looking for:
- Fiberglass or fiberglass/Kevlar composite
- Long enough to perform well as a coastal cruiser (not doing long, open water trips)
- Moderately stable
- Fast, straight tracking
- Short enough to fit in my basement: 14–16 ft
- Light enough for easier car topping (my back is killing me)
- Faster than my Perception Acadia 12.5 (that should be easy to accomplish)
- A boat I can grow into from a skills standpoint

What I’ve looked at and/or tested:
- Lincoln Chebeague: Nice boat, “perfect” length at 14ft 6in, VERY light at 33lbs – lighter than average. I’ve been told secondary stability is “interesting” and “unpredictable.” I tested the boat but didn’t want to “test” the secondary stability issue because the Atlantic was cold that day and I wasn’t wearing a wetsuit. Looks a little “humble.” Not sure I like the hard hatch covers. Priced within my range.
- Impex Susquehanna: Beautiful boat, 16ft 6in, a bit longer than I’d like. Storing boat may be a bit difficult. More $$ than I planned on spending. 50lbs – average
- Impex Montauk: Another great looking boat, 16ft, still a bit longer than my storage situation allows. Rubber hatch covers are great. More $$ than I planned on spending. 50lbs – average
- QCC Q400X: Looks great. Length is good at 15ft 3in, width gives good stability. 50lbs – average.

Finally, does anyone have experience with NC Kayaks or SEDA? Which models, etc.

Thoughts, feedback, input appreciated.



I know lots of skilled susq… paddlers

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DJ lewis is one. The susquehanna is a real do-anything boat just fast enough. Very maneuverable on a lean, yet a bit less weathercocking than a Gulfstream (which I like a lot but the volume is a touch big for me, (might relate to the weathercocking)). (To be fair most of my gulfstream time was in a 1999 model they have lowered the rear deck). The impex love of surf really shows in the Susquehanna> Lay up is a bit light as covered on the recent threads.

Montauk is a nice boat too. On the small side for you. Put 60 pounds in that in the surf and you will be close to the max. A great boat for skills development, highly maneuverable; lots of fun.

I like day hatches!

the 400 is beamy, few will learn to roll in that boat. some could learn to roll that boat after learning in others, you can find a bunch of 'em used if you are patient. probably a great fishing boat but you could learn to fish from the susquehanna as well. From my experience with qcc boats, the 400 will be laid-up strong, the exterior finish will be superlative.

Perhaps you could go demo one with CRCK since you live close. Perhaps hook up with DJ lewis for a lake paddle if you have some immersion gear. Email me to borrow my XXL drysuit but make sure to burp it by immersion; it is a touch too big for you. I can probably hook you up with a lake demo of a montauk,

You will be happy in any of these boats that you own. Hope this helps.

All the best!

Lincoln’s new boat the ‘Schoodic’ is rumored to be fast, light and manuverable. I believe it is 16’x22.5". It is not on their web site yet but they can email you info.

Impex makes very nice boats. There have been many threads discussing their boats, I think one is current. The two Impex boats you are considering have been around for a while, so you could probably find them for a good price used. Each feels very different. Both are good designs.

QCC400 is a very high decked and beamy boat. If you like that sort of thing, there are usually some on Ebay that sell very reasonably.

Lincoln Chebeague
I have a friend who purchased a new Lincoln with the hard hatch covers. He took it to rolling class and both hatches leaked like a badly.

‘Rubber’ hatches
Lincoln’s “Isle au Haut”, “Eggemoggin”, and “Schoodic” have Kajak-Sport or Valley hatches.

It seems that it is common for hard hatches to leak. I’ve read that this is a problem even with the QCC boats.