Impex support

I recently purchased a new Impex that suffered a little damage in shipping. I left a voice mail with the Ashville team and they forwarded a small container of gelcoat.

After the first paddle, I determined I needed just a little more legroom and asked for advice on the Impex forums located just off of their main site. Joe, from Impex, responded with a couple of suggestions and gave me his direct telephone number. We talked and he helped to point me in the right direction.

I know that we all have difficulties from time-to-time with a product or simply wish to make small improvements base on our needs. Impex & Joe had no real obligation to support me but the after-sales support has been superb. Everyone complains when they don’t get support - in this case, the support has been outstanding as is the product that I purchased.

If you’re in the market for a new kayaks and one of their kayaks isn’t on your short-list, you may want to reconsider them.

Oh - kudos to BrazilBrazil for his offline advice in helping me select my next kayak also. It’s guys like him and that beenie-weenie guy (who also like canned peaches) that makes this a good neighborhood to hang out.

Mmmm. canned peaches!
I like canned peaches too!

…and impex kayaks… :slight_smile:


Mmmm Beanies and Weanies
and Impex kayaks too…


On the other thread
I mentioned that I had received a can of beanie weenies from GK. I really didn’t want to mention that I also got a can of canned peaches to boot.

didn’t want to rub it in…


Great post
Thanks for sharing, this is a great post. It is certainly nice to hear about such a positive experience for a consumer.

Thank goodness…
…we don’t care where you’re rubbing them in either. :wink:

Impex after sale support
is outstanding!

I used to work in the outdoor industry and I can’t remember any other maufacturer offering the support that Impex does.

When I was ready to buy a skegged kayak I decided against an other brand because of extremely poor support (warranty issues that were not resolved).

I heard of Impex standing behind their product and helping customers with personal fit problems.

I have to say that I am extremely pleased with them.

It is nice that for once I can praise a company instead having problems.

Impex, keep up the excellent work.

and your kayaks are just a dream to paddle!


thanks for
the info…

Impex is on my short list for my second kayak.

In another thread I asked if Impex sold small amounts of gel coat for their kayaks, so this answers my question.

I think that’s important for the company to supply repair materials such as gel coat and skegs.

Isn’t that the point of buying a composite boat? So you can repair it?

I have a P&H Capella and and P&H also have excellent support.

Anyway, I’m looking for a longer touring kayak and Impex is now on the short list for sure.

Now all I need to do is test one out in 20 knot winds. :wink:

Congrats on your new boat! Now you don’t have to worry about repairing a ding or kinking a skeg wire. Nice to avoid, but easy fix with the right support.

Brazilbrasil is on top of my "to paddle

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..with" wish list. A real ace.

PS BB--my Anaut LV sectional is in from NOttigham, and I pick it up this weekend. Wuill post pics. And it doesn't take any garage space--I will store in my finished basement and do GP eskimo rolls on the berber.

Impex support
I can’t say enough “good” about Joe at Impex and the support the company gives. I had a problem with one of their boats and they have done everything possible to make it right. This is a company that cares about their customers. You can’t go wrong with a company that stands behind their products like Impex does. Can’t wait until my new Force 5 gets here.

I agree that Impex support is great
Joe was very helpful when I damaged the skeg cable on my Currituck. That experience led me to acquire a spare cable/skeg assembly for use when and if I need it in remote areas of Maine. Makes sense to have a spare at hand wherever you paddle.

support less likely needed

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IMO, one of the most attractive assets of owning an Impex boat is that you are less likely to need the support, their attention to design, material, and production quality is better than some competitors. They are not dealing in a major way with leaking hatch covers, cracks, leaks that some boat companies are.

On my second Impex boat, I am attracted to some other boats to own as well but don;t want to deal with manufacturing defects, leaking hatches, etc.

if at first you don’t succeed
keep taking off sections until you get it down.


Glad to hear
I just bought an Assateague, so I’m glad to hear this. Now I just need them to send me some Impex swag.

put in a request for me too. :slight_smile:

one of my paddling buddies
has an Impex Cat 4—I am so jealous

Impex next boat
When I hit it big at the casino, Force 4 will be my next boat. Visited with the Impex folks at KTP Paddlesport Show and literally the owner was in the store . . .