Impex Susquehanna Info

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had info on this boat. I’m looking for something more maneuverable than my current 18’ rudder boat. There are two available, one in fiberglass and another in kevlar. They have vcp hatch covers if that dates them.
Im 6’ 175 lbs.


Cool kayak that never got enough attention. Smaller cockpit than modern so keep leg length in mind. Lowish freeboard at cockpit so sprayskirt mandatory. Very fun.

The VCP hatch covers get shot pretty quickly so check them out carefully and keep in mind that a replacement set will run you about $175.

Yep, was about to say the same thing. I’d check and see if the Kajaksport covers will fit the rims as they would be a much more durable replacement.

Sealect covers are a bit more boring looking than kayaksport or VCP. But they work fine and you can get them that float. Granted l like kayaksport the best myself.