Impex thigh pad replacement?

I’ve got two Impex boats, both from the early 00’s. 3 of the 4 thigh pads need replacing so I want to go ahead and replace all 4. These are thin squishy foam sheets, like a yoga mat. I rather like them. Do you know where to get this material? Or, if I’m out of luck, the easiest way to replace them? (They’re glue on, so there’s no holes in the hull to receive bolts.)

If possible, I’d like to avoid custom-shaping minicell, because I suck at it and I really like these boats. :smile:

I replaced one of mine two years ago with a cutout from a grey sleeping pad. It was very similar in density and texture, though I’ve not seen them in stores recently. I used water-based contact cement, but if I were to do it again I’d get the nasty solvent stuff. If you can find a camping or yoga mat that’s similar, I’d go with it. Those brightly coloured puzzle-shaped floor tiles might work too, though they don’t seem quite as flexible.

After the repairs I have in progress, I’m going to have to re-do mine as well because I had to remove parts of them to gain access for the work.

Easy. Actually even easier these days. I carry the 1/4" foam sheet in stock with a peel and stick backing for just that purpose. (Well, its useful for other stuff too)

Remove the old. Lay the new sheet paper side up towards the deck. Trace along the thigh brace with a sharpie. Perhaps put some tape on the coaming to mark your start. Trim the trace with a new razor blade/exacto, peel off the paper and press into place.

Drop me a line if you want me to pop a sheet in the mail.

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Dang, that makes sense. May drop a line.