Improving Old Town Pack Seat


I picked up an old town pack last year on sale with the factory plastic fold open seat. Well, the idea of having the back support built in is good, but I keep sliding off the seat and it is not very comfortable on longer trips.

Anyone have any good ideas on modifying the seat and making it better?? I was going to probably just try to adhere some kind of foam pad to the chair that would keep from sliding off.


Try some of that stuff
you put under rugs to keep them from sliding…usually an open web rubber sort of thing…you can cut small pieces to use and get lots of pieces from one purchase (no need to cover the entire seat, just most of it). It’s cheap, weighs nothing and is easily replaceable.

Completely removing it
and replacing it with a traditional cane or mesh seat is always an option. They are by far more comfortable that the moulded plastic ones and you definitely would not slide off.

Do you slide off the front or the back?
If you slide off the front, you could install foot braces. The foot braces would also give you more power in your stroke.

I’m not sure how you would slide off the back of a seat that has a folding back.