In CANADA - glue to mount Scotty plate to PVC inflatable? ****Canada**** (we don't get nice things here)

Hi, I’ve visited all the marine stores and no one has anything but tent or wetsuit repair glue. Their service dept will glue something for me but won’t sell the glue. None of the normal glues recommended are allowed to ship to the northern outpost they call Canada. When I ask in retail places like Home Depot, Lowes, or Canadian tire, the minwage stoned droids just look confused, shrug their shoulders and smile (to themselves) and walk away. Any advice from my fellow poutine loving lumberjacks?

would this work ( not knowing what it is you are planning to glue)?

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OMG Thanks!!! I need to mount a mount :grin: : Scotty 341 Glue On Mount 5" x 7" | Poco Marine | Vancouver

If it has THF (tetrahydrofuran) solvent in it, the glue will melt and bond the two PVC components together for a pretty solid weld. I used to work in a polymer chemistry lab and would dissolve PVC samples in THF to do light scattering analysis on the stuff. Not great to breathe so use it outside or in a well ventilated location.

Link here to some cautions and instructions for using it (though some of the complicated steps are only for filling in surface damage for inflatable SUP boards so you don’t have to bother with that, just slather it on both surfaces as glue and bond them before it dries.


Awesome thanks again!

You can order from Northwater in Vancouver. They carry an MEK based adhesive called Vinyl Tec 2000 that they private label. It works fine on PVC Boats. I have used it on D-Rings on PVC inflatables and to glue in outfitting in canoes.

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Thanks for the tip!