In Case Anyone Is Interested

The tamarisk, at Pearce Ferry, has died and rotted at the base to allow me to toss them aside as I work my way to the mouth of the Grand Canyon. My goal is to establish an easier route there.

I did inform the rangers of what I was doing. I don’t cut anything green.

That tree is definitely the enemy on western waterways. I am not sure what you mean by finding an easier route to Lake Mead.

tamarix die off due to ?
no water from dropping lake level ?

evidence of salt in the tamarix soil ?

are you seeing seeds or pods from the dead tree area ?

No Water Is My Guess
The silt is about 40’ thick in that area. They stayed green for several years. Now they are dead sticks standing. Eventually there’ll be hundreds of acres of stick on the ground.

I established a route into the Grand Canyon a couple years ago. With the tamarisk dying my goal is to shorten the round trip by maybe 3 miles or more.