In need of a kayak recommendation

I am looking to purchase my first kayak. I grew up canoeing the coosa, cahaba, and weogufka in Alabama. I now live in Atlanta and am looking for a kayak that will allow me to store enough gear to camp overnight. I want to run rivers that are mainly composed of class I-II and the occasional III (maybe portage). From what I have researched, it feels like those needs in a boat place me between categories. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Nope, you are squarely in the
"I want a boat that does everything" category liek a lot of us. I’m gonna say you want something in the 10 to 12 foot range. Longer will work better on big lakes, but will limit your class III running. Shorter is better for class II, but may not have the storage you want.

Dagger Blackwater might be a good start or even a Tsunami 120, Kestrel, Element, or Acadia (if you are a big guy).


Prijon Yukon Expedition
Not sure they still make this boat but it sounds like it would be a good fit.

Dagger Approach?

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Prijon Combi Tour WW for more speed, or Yukon Expedition if you want to carry a huge load. "Hybrid Series"

The Pyranha Speeder is a new interpertation of old downriver racers.

I'd suggest staying away from large-cockpit rec boats -- you want to be able to use a good skirt that'll stand up to a wave in your lap if you're spending much time in II/III water.

Prijon Yukon
This boat is still made and is excellent for your needs.


The Prijon Cruiser is an inbetween boat

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I have it, like it. The hatch leaks bad. Nice seat.

Take a look at
Old Town Loon 120 and 130s models. Plenty of capacity, Good handling, capable of class II and III water (with a skirt and some butt time in the seat)

Good Luck in the search.

prijon yukon, prijon Combi, Riot Stealth

Swift Kiwassa 12.6

Swift Kiwassa 12.6 in trylon. It’s a great all-around versatile boat.

It’s designed like a touring boat, but it’s only 12.6, so it will maneuver well, especially if you know how to edge your kayak.

I think the “Day Touring” or “Transitional” category is what you’d be classified as.

yukon expedition good choice
this would be a good choice, it can handle lakes and does class I-II no problem, many do run class III in it - however, it sucks if you are planning on running lots of ledges, it is a good sized kayak so you have lots of boat behind you to catch on the ledge… but, it has quite a bit of rocker - you can turn it on a dime… and it has more than sufficient space for week long trips… it was designed for river running