in need of dutch oven recipes

I am going on a canoe trip and will be bringing my new dutch oven. i have never used one before and would like to know if you have any tips. do i grease it? etc... also these are the things i am planning to cook in it. corn bread, breakfast biscuits, blueberry muffins and baked potatoes.. how long do i cook these? thanks for your help as my group will have a more pleasant camping experience with it!

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If there’s a Boy Scout supply store near you, they have a small book on dutch oven cooking that covers it pretty well. I believe it’s called “Dutch Oven Cooking”.0


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Take some aluminum foil and cover the thing (inside) with it, keeps it cleaner and no need for oil. When you clean it you'll want to coat it with veggie oil before storing it.

Then you take One box of white cake mix, 2 cans of cherries, and for softer "crust" about 4 ounces of sprite.

Put cherries on aluminum (in pot) and mix in sprite. Mix together carefully (dont want to tear the aluminum foil) and pour the cake mix evenly over the top. Takes maybe 20 min to 40 min, untill cherries are boiling (you'll see it break through cake mix) - its done, and it's hot. Dont forget to place some coals on top to even out the heat.

Cherry Cobbler :)

cast iron or aluminum? I like aluminum.

iron needs seasoning, aluminium not. and rust.

bake as in an oven tho I generally make the recipe a little dry. for heat I use charcoal. take the diameter of the oven in inches and add one for the top and divide in half for the bottom.

my 10" pan gets 11 on top/ 5 under. this gives you a 350-400 degree oven.

wait 5-10 minutes after you can smell the item in the oven for doneness. generally 25-40 minutes.

cold and/or wind will increase time and charcoal needs.

brownies and gingerbread are EZ and yummy.

good luck


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I love my DOs, but you probably won’t if your first experience with it is on a trip! Try it first at home when failure isn’t as critical. I recommend starting with the dump cobbler already posted, then moving to one-pot meals, and then to real baking (biscuits, etc). I cook everything from cakes to biscuits to enchiladas in mine, but I burned a few or had undercooked goo a few times before I became good at it.

There are bunches of DO recipes on the net. One of the good sources is the MacScouter web site (easily found in any search engine). All of the items you identified can be cooked in a DO, but you really do need to practice first. If you’ve got an aluminum oven all you need to do is wash and dry it. If you’ve got a cast iron oven, you need to get it well seasoned before you take it on a trip, and you need to know how to maintain the seasoning. All of the standard books will have instructions.

If you can take charcoal briquettes, your learning curve will be shorter than if you are using coals from a fire. Those take a little more experience to deal with the variability of the heat.


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Here is another link to check out.
This is a good one that has lots of stuff. I love my D.O. and once you master it, you will too!

International Dutch Oven Society
Yeah, I know, I couldn’t believe it either at first. The have their own “society”. Here’s the link, lots of recipes, tips, books, links etc

Super Dutch Oven Recipe Site is great. Or use your search engine and type in DUTCH OVEN RECIPE. You’ll be surprised!