In need of Sawyer Loon parts

I have an old Sawyer Loon and need to replace a pedal bracket. I’ve looked the web and this message board over and can’t find a web address, phone number, anything regarding the “old” or “new” Sawyer company. Does anyone know where parts such as this can be obtained? Any help appreciated, thanks- Lou.

I have been told …
by several “good” sources that they are history. I am a Shockwave owner in the same boat{pardon the pun}. I have also been told no parts available,unless you find a former dealer with some.Good Luck!

Happy Paddling billinpa

Afraid of that
I read an earlier post about the ‘new’ Sawyer company and figured I’m toast. Sawyer replaced the guides years ago for no cost, but they are plastic- should have stocked up at that price! Looks like a little shop time in my future. Thanks- LP.

Try this…
Sawyer Canoe Company

635 West Greene

Piqua, Ohio 45356

937-773-8337 phone

937-570-0045 phone

Got above info. in Febuary 06; don’t know if it’s any good anymore or not?

Good luck,


Try Kruger Canoe
Mark could probably help you with a couple slide brackets. I have no idea what similarity there is between what Sawyer used and the current Seawinds. I would expect any modifications to be minor. If he doesn’t have extras, Chicagoland Canoe Base had them in stock.

Good luck, Dan