In need of wings

I was hoping any of you guys could help with your opinions of Wing paddles. I have only used the Epic large wing and really enjoyed it. I wish to replace my standard paddles with wing paddles. However, for personal reasons I choose not to use Epics line of paddles…granted they are fantastic quality and have nothing to prove. I have personal reasons for this decision.

But I was hoping some of you could highlight your expierence with ONNO or Bracca paddles.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I dont know if this helps with the advice being offerred, but

I am 5’6" and 140 pounds. I paddle a Valley Rapier 18 for racing and touring.

Thanks again guys and girls…I appreciate it

James Kelly

Have been using one for over a year and I love it. It’s light, strong and a great value. Pat makes carbon fiber works of art. I recently got another non wing paddle from Pat that I let guests use.



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I use a Turbo paddle. Super tough all carbon construction and lightweight, though you surely find a lighter paddle somewhere. I've never talked to anyone who had a Turbo and regretted buying it.

Had a Fenn IV; it was ok, but started to delaminate.

everyone on this forum seems to love ONNO paddles, but I've never seen/used one.

Isn't it nice to have such a choice these days?

I have a DB Designs and a Bracsa VIII. The DB is on the heavy side, but has taken a beating for a number of years-blade shape is similar to an Epic mid, but with a bit more surface area and a more pronounced catch. The Bracsa VIII is an unusual design, longer and narrower. It’s very forgiving throughout the stroke-good marathon blade. Probably better for flatter water than conditions. I like it better than the Epic mids I’ve tried though. Personal preference.

I’ve not tried one of Pat’s paddles yet, though would like to. Hear very good things about it, and that lever lock trumps by far the hose clamp on the Bracsa. His wing will be next on my list to pop for.

Can I be a guest some time?

Onno Wing Paddles are great!
I definitely agree with last post. I’ve had an ONNO Wing for a little less than a year and it’s great. I have not owned any other wing paddle but I can attest that my ONNO wing paddle is one of the nicest looking and lightest paddles I’ve ever used.

Thanks for the replies…
I was leaning towards the Bracsa paddles but needed some input on the ONNOs. SEems a safe either way.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.