In or out?

I have a pair of the boater pants that Iwear with neophrene boots. Which is the right way, to tuck the pants in the boots or wear over them?

tucked in the tops of boots let water on the legs get into the boot. I would leave them out.

Outside Seems to Work Best for Me
and friends. If you get a good tight seal against the outside of the boot, rain and paddle splash run off and short submersions have not leaked much. If your pants don’t have a adjustable neoprene cuff, might try a band of velcro wrap to compress the cuff tight against the boot.

In for me
I kneel in a canoe more often than not. I have found from soggy experience that if I leave my splash pants outside the boot they will collect whatever bilge water comes their way and dump it all up and down my legs when I stand.

If I tuck them into my boot tops the bilge water stays in the bilge and I stay drier.