In praise of Duckworks Boat Builders Supply

I just wanted to share my recent and very positive experiences with Duckworks Boat Builders Supply

I am building and installing board and batten, Bahama style shutters on our home using Bimini deck hinges and end caps. In sourcing parts for evaluation, I found huge differences in quality and pricing for these two simple items. I ordered a few of each from West Marine, Jamestown Distributors, Wholesale Marine and an Amazon vendor with poorly made Chinese ones, as well as Duckworks to evaluate their performance in actual use.

Duckworks has the best pricing, quality and exceptional customer service. They also provided expedited shipping. Tammy kept me apprised of delivery and even called me direct to provide a clear and reasonable clarification to my misunderstanding. They did suffer some delay in acquiring my second order of end caps and quickly offered a refund or credit towards other items.

I did find a similar end cap from Bass Pro at more than twice the price. I did order these as the delay from DW was going to stall my project over a month. Duckworks happily and quickly sent out my second order of hinges, again FEDEX using my credit from end caps and even rounding the cost in my favor.

I highly recommend Duckworks for their huge selection of high quality products, very reasonable prices quick and inexpensive shipping. More importantly, they offer exceptional customer service through both Tammy and Josh.