In praise of the Chatham

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Any particular one?
They are three fairly different boats in performance.

Chatham 16
I love my Chatham 16. Just got it this year and have had it out about 12 times for about 3-4 hour average each time. Edges nicely, loves to play in confused water, had it out in 3’ rollers and it just takes 'em, doesn’t much care if it’s broadside, head on, or astern. Hatches are dry. Cockpit gets a bit wet, but I think it’s an ill fitting Wildwasser (Prijon) skirt . The large rubber rand may not be sealing properly. Any input on that would be appreciated. Maybe I need a bungee type seal on the skirt? And does anyone else find it HARD to roll?! I can roll my Prijon CombiTour 356 about 90-95% of the time and after 20 tries I still haven"t got this beast up! Getting very depressed about that!!

Also, any thoughts on how it is with Greenland style paddle? And what loom length would you recommend for a boat with the Chatham 16 beam (22") and a 6’3" 210# paddler?

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Personally, I would not mind picking up a used plastic 16 to beat on rocks. Or an avocet. Whichever shows up first at "unicorn" price range.


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I like waves

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