In search of a Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 (or similar)

Trying to locate a Wilderness Systems Pungo 140, or something similar. Looking for a recreational kayak with a spacious cockpit that I can fit a child or dog in. We live on a very smooth, but deep, lake, so the double bulkheads of the 140 were appealing, for both safety and storage reasons. The 140 checks all my boxes, however, they were discontinued in 2018 and are hard to locate. Anybody with any leads or advice? Thanks in advance!

They do seem to be few and far between.

Check out Current Designs Solara 135, which also has a fairly large cockpit (20" x 45.5") which might be easier to find.

The CD looks like a good suggestion. I assume WS dropped the 140 because of lack of demand.
I think that is a shame because if you weigh over 200 # the 120 doesn’t respond well to aggressive paddling. I had one and it bogged down enough to to create a bow wave. So I gave it to a relative and got a 140.
Good be luck in your search.

Look at the Eddyline Sandpiper 130. The removable beach seat and the light weight is a big advantage. Not to mention to true bulkheads.

I like Eddyline kayaks but the height of that seat would really bother me. Not only does a high back interfere with torso rotation it would make a recovery extremely difficult. I would want my seat back to be no higher than the coaming.

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There is their 12’ Sandpiper with the same cockpit size and traditional low seat.

Thanks for the comments thus far! The Solara is looking like a really good fit. Adding it to my search list.