In Store for a Decent Tent for Overnight Kayaking

I am in love with my Jackson Journey 14. :slight_smile: I am now deciding that I would like to start planning overnight trips. I have looked at some tents online and I came across this particular one from backcountry. I am looking for something a little more roomy but this will just be for myself. It seems as if most 1 person setups seem too cramped up according to many reviews so a 2 person may be the way to go…then again it may be overkill for just myself. I plan on camping on and off year round so I would like a decent tent that can stand pretty much all-around weather that can handle hot and cold conditions as well as rain. I still have plenty of research to do but so far this one caught my eye and I like the decent price as well. I am not looking to spend more than $300.00 and this one is cheaper than that. It is a little over 5 pounds packed according to the specs so I do not know if that is too heavy or not (5 pounds seems like it would be no problem to me) but 18" by 7" packed I am not sure this would be ideal for carrying in one of the hatches in the Journey 14 I just have no experience with any of this…I am going to have to measure the hatch for this even though I do think I should have plenty of space for this tent. It was only the many reviews on some single person tents that I was reading where people were saying they can be pretty cramped inside that kind of turned me off from buying a single person tent…but again for just myself if there is indeed a decent single person decent for under $300.00 that still would have a fair amount of room for myself as well as putting my sleeping bag and some gear inside that would be great too.

So if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. There are soooo many tents out there that can be affordable in my price range I just want to make sure I get a decent one that will be comfortable and decently sized for carrying in the Kayak that I have. I am 5’11" 240 stocky but for all I know there may be a tent setup for a single person for a decent price that is actually more spacious than the ones I have been looking at so I am not exactly stuck on having to have a 2 person setup…I just do not know where to start. The last time I went camping I was in the boy scouts, lol. Well…here is the one I have been checking out which is getting great reviews:

Sorry for the long post but I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder it tends to make me type too much.

Again any suggestions on either a single or 2 person tent for overnight Kayaking Journeys in my Jackson Journey 14 that I have indeed fell in love with would be greatly appreciated.

Oh…here is the link at the one I have been looking at:

I have no first hand experience with that tent model. But have used many tents in past for kayak camping. I often packed poles in one hatch and body in another either for weight distribution or ease of storage of poles pushed into narrow boat ends. I prefer extra space in tent for gear storage and general room. I have no idea what planet the average “tent person” comes from as they are much smaller than me at 6-1 feet.

Figure out if you will want to lounge in the tent reading or whatever in shaky weather, then look at the height. That decision is why my husband and went for a 3 to 4 person tent. Also, some situations like the Maine islands want you to have a dome or freestanding tent to reduce the impact on trees. See if there are situations like that where you would camp. And get the ground cover. A decent one will both protect the tent and help with the R factor for your comfort.

Generally speaking, a two person tent fits one and a three person tent fits two - comfortably with a bit of gear. I recently purchased an MSR Elixir 3 and it’s much more comfortable with two than my MEC Tarn 2. I’ll add though that the Tarn 2 is absolutely bulletproof and is a nice sturdy shelter for one.

I’ve had the same or similar Marmot tent for five years and been very happy with it. I got tired of doing gymnastics trying to pack up or put on a drysuit inside a one man tent on a rainy day. I also like that you can set up the poles and fly first on a rainy day. One hint, if you pack the poles into the kayak separately it’s much easier to fit the tent into the boat. Often the poles will fit into the space under the top corners of of the hatch after most of the bow or stern are loaded.


@Sparky961 said:
Generally speaking, a two person tent fits one and a three person tent fits two - comfortably with a bit of gear.

Agreed. I have an old Eureka Expedition, which similar to the current Timberline - I like it. I also have a Eureka Mountain Pass 3 - it’s bigger than I need, but it’s nice to have the room.