In the news:100 Sharks

-- Last Updated: Dec-27-06 8:44 PM EST --

Today's new alert from St. Lucie County (Ft. Pierce area),FL.
About 100 sharks (thought to be bull sharks by the sheriff's helicopter pilot)were spotted close to shore along the County's coast. They were seen feeding at 10:00a.m. yesterday near the Ft. Pierce jetty off South Hutchinson Island.
Lifeguards were alerted and were monitoring the waters. The beach remained open.
My two cents worth: If the sharks in question were bull sharks (the animal with the highest testosterone level on the planet, the reason for their extremely vicious feeding behaviour) I think they should've shut down the beach.
If you plan on paddling the area avoid this stretch of water at least for a few days.

Or at least…
…paddle with someone a lot slower than yourself.

Probably Not Bulls
Large gatherings of sharks in that area of the Gulf in winter are not uncommom. It is a multi species gathering, but relatively few Bulls.

I really hate Bull sharks. I am actuly glad we just have Great Whites out here!

This is not the Gulf Coast but the Atlantic.

This happens a few times a year as the bait fish migrate…

Sharks just doing what sharks do. Just don’t look like food…

More testosterone than 16 year old boys!

I was deep sea fishing
dec 10 and 12 in Fort Lauderdale and on the last day my buddy caught a 250 lb bull shark… the captian sounded like bulls were pretty common this time of year. This is probably 75 to 100 miles south of this report so I believe it.

Memory Failing Me, I Quess…
Pretty bad if I can’t rememeber the Atlantic Coast from the Gulf Coast! I guess 15 years in California has eroded my memory…