In the Prine of Life

In the Prine of life
you will see both good and bad.
There are chuckles along the way.
Sometimes you’re singin’ lines quite sad.
There are reminders like a mirror
to reflectively consider,
as the Prine of Life
flows on by us like a river.

I hope to meet you someday, John. Perhaps in that Tree of Forgiveness Bar.


I was very sad to hear of his passing. I was lucky enough to see him play in a nice small intimate setting some 20 years ago and it truly was special. RIP John.

When I heard of his passing the other evening I just had to sing “Please don’t bury me” one time in his honor. Truly a loss for those of us who followed his career these many years.

Sad reminder that all things pass. But the good things leave a wake that spreads across the water of subsequent generations.

Perhaps then with all that …it’s time for this,. … When I get to Heaven, by John Prime

My wife and I saw and heard him perform many years ago and enjoyed it very much. IIRC he was the opening act for BB King.

My wife was listening to WXPN (U. of Pa/Philly - still my favorite radio station among the many low band FMs I’ve tuned in three-plus decades this Baltimoron has hejira’d up and down the Atlantic corridor) when she heard this fine tribute by a young Carsie Blanton:

Guess a bit of cobweb dust must have fallen from the ceiling and took up residence in my eye sockets while I was listening.

Hey Ms. Carsie, if your name doesn’t market well enough for your exceptional talent you might try Red Harpo. (Sorry. Just keep’n with the smartass tradition.)

John Prine one of the “guitar hero” writer singers that formed the soundtrack of my life.
I was a guitar nerd at 15. Found this 7yo old video paying homage., a song I always related too as most of the covers I have ever performed.
Flash Back Blues Thankyou John

“We are all together, All Alone.”

Just a note…he smoked for 35 years. When he got and beat cancer he quit smoking.