In this brutal heat, how do you determine

If you’ve lost it?
Our northern friends face similar issues when they are frozen in.
Except T-Chuck and Paris.

By starting silly posts like this one?

Not usually frozen in. The last time was 1998 that we were affected by an ice storm that brought down trees
Paddle on the ocean. Hike ski

We had three days about 90 wonderful
We jumped in the lake swam then did something else. Repeat as needed
Now we are headed for 45 tonight

Well, did you ever have it? …whatever “it” is.

Go early, be done by noon. Stay wet. Bring a thermos of iced lemon water for the after paddle at the take out.

Keep on keeping on…

I thought I had IT, but thatay have been wishful thinking.
I’ve scheduled 2 trips for July, starting at 5pm and ending at last light.
Obviously not long but I love that time of day.

No need to ever lose it !
Nanci and I are training on a local lake for a three day canoe race in September. We try to get on the water as early as possible, but usually the heat catches up with us. She overheats before I do, so I just watch for a sandy beach and pull up on it. She then takes a dip and we are off again with her all cooled off.

Life is good !

I lost it years ago. Been embracing the extra space in the cranium ever since!
We paddle early to avoid the heat and the afternoon thunderstorms that Florida is VERY grateful for. This afternoon the storm came around 5pm, took the temperature from 95 to 78. And gave us 2 1/2 inches of lovely fresh water in about thirty minutes!

…in Florida this is the season to visit the springs for a swim…constant 72 degree water all year feels good in the summer.

Wear Cotton! YES. Cotton can keep you cool!

Second the cotton Kim! Can’t stand synthetics in hot weather…loose cotton! However I can’t live without my fleece stuff in the cool :slight_smile:

Well, heat index has been 100-110 the last few weeks. I like to paddle our spring fed rivers. Wait a minute, I do that year round ANYWAY! But sections of river cool enough for trout, like this section of the Eleven Point last week, are very refreshing when it’s like this, Dip my hat in the water, dip my bandanna in the water, pull ashore and dip ME in the water… The Ozark Mountain Daredevils recorded my hot weather Ozark Summer anthem.

Love the crack of sun but with work and all its not very often. Usually I paddle before the storms come in which means the worst part of the day. 99% of the time I don’t mind. Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I paddle for exercise anyway so I’m sweating even when it 70. Falling in the water every now and then works wonders too.

It is 70 degrees @ 3pm in the Apostle Islands.

That’s nice but it’s too far for me. (wherever it is)

In road biking you need to get into the cool asap when you are no longer feeling thirsty on a hot day. This is not a good sign.