Including Photos with Posts - BETA Test!

We’ve received a lot of feedback from users suggesting that we allow photo postings inside the message boards. Well, after a lot of work we are ready to start testing out this feature. At this time only Paddling Perks members will be able to include photos so that we can find any problems that may exist and thoroughly test it out.

Only photos posted in the new “ Photo Gallery” will be permitted with your posts. The Photo Gallery is your chance to share your paddling photos with the paddling community. Upload your photos, add text, and share. You can find instructions for including photos during the posting process. You can view and create photo galleries at:

One concern people have voiced about including photos was that people were worried about slower load times in the message boards. We have addressed this issue by allowing you to choose between 3 viewing options, the last option only includes icons for each photo and should not noticeably effect load times. You should see that I’ve attached three photos with this post and can play with the different viewing options to see what they look like.

Since we are limited the photos to paddling related photos we did not see any reason to allow photo posting on the Bicker and Banter discussion board, as it is not geared towards paddling topics.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems. We value your feedback!


Cool Brent .
Thanks for upgrading the abilities of PNET.

As I’m not a paddling perks member I’ll guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy… I do think keeping it related to paddling is going to be important.

any size limits on photos?