Incredible self-rescue

Not in a kayak or in any vessel - three people were swept into Lake Superior yesterday because they ignored warnings. Two are lost at sea; the guy in this video got lucky. Wave height at Black Rocks reported at 18 feet.

The recorded wave height of 28.9 feet at the Munising weather buoy broke all records for the Great Lakes. Wind speed reportedly 70 mph at times.

Forrest Gump’s mother very simply covered such scenarios,
“Stupid is as stupid does”.
Poor decision making skills = natural consequences.


Extraordinarily lucky.

Did Darwin ever discuss anomalies that fail to remove themselves from the gene pool?

The first two seconds of the video shows a wave towering over the cliff. That cliff is 20 feet above the normal calm water line.

While I don’t think any of us are immune from making bad decisions, I can’t imagine anyone approaching those waves without your hard-wired survival alarms going off. Perhaps some people are more in tune with their electronic devices than their instincts.

The two claimed by Superior were a 53-year old guy and his girlfriend, both residents of the Upper Peninsula. No information has been given about that incredibly lucky guy who managed to get out before the next wave took him.

I’ve seen this at a sidewalk near Navy peir in Chicago, jetties at Mayport Fl and in Hawaii. People don’t think it can happen. This kind of thing happens every winter along the California Coast. Tourists getting close to the waves with no clue what power a 20’ wave has and that if there are 20’ waves there is also likely a 25’ or 30’ wave headed your way too. In Hawaii they post signs everywhere to warn tourists and still people get swept off rocks. This is my favorite sign on the Napali trail on the Napali Coast of Kauai .

I recall a story some decades ago about a man who was killed in such an event. His body was recovered and the family had him cremated. Then his relatives had a memorial service along the same cliffs where he had perished to spread the ashes. A wave break during the service swept away two of the party, also to their deaths.

Wave to the ashes.
Ashes in wave.
Poseidon’s grim reaping
scythes cycle the lathe.

Stand to the bluff.
Tempt thunderous breach.
Ghosts there come surfing,
fools’ folly in reach.

You have the most beautiful poems CWD. you’re one of the best carryovers from the old pnet.


Thank you for your kind words and echoes, MC and Rookie.