indentify a sea kayak from Japan

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Help. I am trying to identify a kayak that I bought.

Earlier this year, there was a post on about a kayak for sale on eBay. I found the fact that it is from Japan interesting (having studied Japanese and been to Japan many times), and live close (was pickup only), so bid on it and won.

What I know:
- The kayak is from Japan.
- the company that makes it no longer sells the kayaks in the States, and quite possibly has gone out of business. The guy I bought it from got it a few years back on closeout directly from the manufacturer's rep near San Francisco.
- it is 17'4" long, 24" wide, and fits the same skirt as a Necky Looksha IV (so a Seals size 1.4)

I checked with Tsunamichuck (he has a connection to Japan, so was one of the first I asked), and he thinks it is a kayak made by TT Kayaks and is either a Straights or Speed Magic model. But I haven't been able to confirm this yet.

Photos are at:

Anyone have info that would help get me closer to IDing the boat, and/or getting specs on the boat?

i know that boat was discussed before
on the discussion board here…

search away …

yes, but no details
I was involved with the discussions, and added basically what I wrote in this post. But nothing has been confirmed, so I was hoping someone could perhaps help do that.

I can identify the company…
… that made the hatch latch hardware.

Maybe email them the link and see if they know (but may be off the shelf stuff so it’s a long shot).