Indian River American 16' -Opinions?

Any opinions on the Indian River American 16’?

There is one for sale locally and I can’t find much info on that model.

I will be using it to fish small lakes.

Never heard of it…its a canoe?

Yes It’s a canoe.

If its used and glass, be sure to check
the surface for crazing and cracks. Never heard of the canoe, but a 16 footer can be a good fishing craft, depending on things like rocker, stability, etc. Before committing to the canoe, take a look on Old Town, Wenona, Bell, etc websites and read about their fishing type canoes, as well as touring canoes. These usually are the ones that make the best fishing craft. A 16 footer may be good for two to fish from, but may also be a bit much for one man, especially if its a heavy boat. I’ve a 17 foot Mohawk that now sits in my yard because its no fun in the wind. Much prefer my two kayaks for fishing these days.

Proud owner of Indian River Sunrise 16’
I finally went out there to look at it. I was slightly off on the model as it did not have a keel. The canoe was brand new, little to no use at all, and was reasonably priced. So I bought it! It’s not completely flat bottom but I think it’ll serve my purpose. Here’s a link to a pic on the Indian River website.

I’ll be taking it out for a spin this weekend.

The canoe looks very fishable.
It looks stable, similar in design to my 23 year old fiberglass Mohawk. With the fairly sharp bow and stern, it should eat up flat water fairly quickly. Two things you may want to consider, installing a yoke to help with loading the boat and moving it around, and either stadium seats or canoe seats with a back to sit on. Those wood slat seats are going to get hard on the ass after a few hours. The only real negative, assuming the price was right, is tha glass canoes tend to be heavy.

New Canoe
Thanks for the tips. My trips will probably be short until I get use to fishing out of a canoe. I’m sure I’ll a couple of rod holders too. I will probably build a small dolly to help with transport. The weight of the Sunrise is 65-70 lbs. Not too bad. I can easily load it on and off my Cherokee.