Indian River Canoes? New River Canoe?

Does anyone have any knowledge of this brand.

I read the reviews and there are just reviews. The review mentioned that the boat is tippy.

I am concerned about the way the seats appear to be mounted,(riveted to the hull?). I am looking at pics and I am not sure that is a good design. Someone has one for sale but it’s a 5 hour round trip and I just don’t know anything about this brand.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.

If you are talking about the New River
Canoes made in Virginia, just over the NC border, they are a pretty decent canoe.

I think they are made out of fibreglass.

The owner used to bring a trailer load of them to the New river canoe race in Jefferson NC, and let people borrow them to race.

He is also won of the sponsors of the race.

For what it is worth: I had a conversation with them many years ago, and they are good honest people.




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That is probably what it is since the boat is in SW VA about an hour from W Jefferson NC. I may go check it out. After a little more digging I found out that New River Canoe is in Independence, VA and i would bet $ that is what this boat is.