Indoor paddling fitness

What do people use or recommend for indoor paddling fitness? I am considering an erg of some sort and I read about a new one - vasa kayak ergometer. Looks great, but does anyone know more?


I’d rather use my old NordicTrac,
because the kayak ergometers don’t bring the legs into play as fully as I would want.

As an ex-oarsman, I have mixed feelings about ergometers designed to mimic paddling or rowing action. The ergometer motion is not close enough to preserve good form. But if you have another way to get a great indoor aerobic workout, then a kayak ergometer might provide a good supplement.

I use a Vesa
and I’ve tried a speedstroke too and I feel like the vasa is a harder workout and the speedstroke is much more like real water paddling. So depends on what your looking for. Vesa is like paddling upstream the whole time. Good luck. Chaz

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the Speedstroke erg and it’s a great kayak erg. Feels like paddling and you really truly can work on improving technique while you’re building kayak specific fitness. Other kayak ergs that work like the speedstroke are the more expensive Dansprint, plus a few other “speedstroke copies”. They would probably all be comparable. The newest Speedstroke Gym looks to be the nicest of all.

I’ve tried the paddleone and looked at pics of many others including the Vasa and the adaptor to the concept rower and I don’t think much of them. In my opinion, if the erg isn’t really, really good at simulating real paddling, then you might just as well get a rowing machine or a nordic track or go swimming. Keep in mind also that these kayak ergs really don’t wear out so if you settle for a poor one, it’ll sit in your basement forever and you’ll be even less likely to then spend more money for what you should have bought in the first place.

Second Vote
What Erik said. Have not tried a Vasa, but picked up a Speedstroke in the fall, and I’m sure I’ll have it as long as I continue paddling. Great machine-very realistic to the ‘on water’ feel. If you’re looking for overall body fitness, the Concept II rower fits the bill nicely. Easy to injure yourself on one of these with poor form, so make sure you spend the time learning basic technique.

kayakpro is good
I added a swivel seat. A 6in lazy susan swivel under the seat. I like steppers or orbitals or treadmill. The idea is to empty your tank today and tomorrow you will have a bigger tank