Indoor training

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Seeking advice, links, webpages, with innovative
training ideas for those solid water weeks .

Example - quickie wobbleboard trainer

Example - homebuilt erg

Looks similar
Looks similar to one a guy built on rivermiles. I am meaning to build one for myself, but havent had the time. Im trying to figure out a way to make it work with a single blade so if someone knows of anyone who did that, pass it along please!

something to start with:

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As a principle, after you get your balance on a given exercise, move your feet closer together to make balance more challenging. Increase the weight. You can apply or find other dumbbell exercises. Using the stability ball allows you to start with relatively smaller weights than using a fixed bench, and get great results. The balance part is particularly relevant to kayaking.

You can blow through a routine in 20-30 minutes, and get everything you need without going to the gym and using expensive equipment or heavy free weights, and your core also gets a benefit from every exercise.

Anything that strengthens your core and/or shoulders and/or improves your balance. I’m a fan of the ab glider or crunches on the exercise ball but don’t overlook work with dumbbells via the arm press… or lat pull-downs on a machine. You want to strengthen your abs, arms, and shoulders…but don’t forget your legs via squats and lunges.

You can also sit on an exercise ball whilst resting your feet on a smaller ball for balance drills.

Thanks for linking to my vids! I guess I’m spoiled because I’ve built my own customized equipment, but much can be achieved with standard gym gear.

Here you go…more ideas:

top racers use this
Try this

I haven’t used the PaddleOne but can recommend the Speedstroke erg, it’s very well built and very smooth. They also have a Winter training group with excellent workouts designed by Erik Borgnes.

Not to sound like an advert but although I live in Florida and can generally paddle year round, I have a KayakPro Speedstroke that gets a lot of use. When time is short I can get in a quick workout in about the same time it would take to get my kayak to the water and back. Expensive, but after two years I still consider it one of my best purchases.

For the record I am not sponsored by KayakPro. I paid for mine with blood, sweat and cold hard cash.

Greg Stamer

On the wish list

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Need to clear some space in the house and save up.
Hard to find used equip as most people keep them.

Got plenty of gym equipment downstairs already,
sometimes folks ""create"" clever training aids,
put together some great cross training routines, etc.

Always been a fan of wobble board, balance ball,
stabilization excercises for the core.

kayak ergs
keep checking the classified section of - ergs show up for sale from time to time.