inexpensive 4-piece kayak paddle

I need a spare kayak paddle - 4 piece - to fly with. I can’t spend a lot of money, so have narrowed it down to a Stearns B503 ($39.99 at Dick’s) or an Advanced Elements paddle ($49.99).

These are very similar paddles and meet my main criteria - they break down to 31 inches.

Anyone ever use one of these?

I really don’t want to spend more than $50.

used for???
is this going to be a back up paddle???

always remember when you might use your spare/backup paddle-when something has happened to your primary paddle…you then do not want to have a cheaper wimpier padle to rely on to get you out of trouble…

try to find a used or rent a lendal 4 piece…

spare paddle
This would be just for the occasional plane trip-maybe once a year- to paddle someplace else.

I have a good paddle, and if anything ever happened to it, I’d buy another one equal or better.

I need a second paddle that performs decently but that I don’t have to wory about. And is 4-piece.

Look for a used Aquabound
They make 4 piece paddles in both touring or whitewater lengths. New they can run about $100-200 depending on the material used. Used, you may be able to get one for $50 or so. You could post a wanted ad here and at Bagboaters tend to use 4 piece paddles more often than hardshell paddlers do.

Thank you. A used paddle would fit the bill.

a nylon bladed lendal
could do the trick as well

fiberglass Lendal blades
Another alternative would be the new fiberglass lendal blades and shaft. They are going to be released this year and are less expensive than the Carbon Nylon blades.

This would allow you to upgrade the blades later if desired or have a great paddle for travel and spare.