Inexpensive Backup Paddle

I am looking for a strong inexpensive paddle for backup use. It needs to be in 2 pieces and rotate for feathering.

Any suggestions and where to get it online?

Thanks much.

good cheap paddle
Try a Carlisle RS Magic. It’s a light, strong paddle that lists for under $90. I bought one as a “spare” but I liked it so well that it’s now my most used paddle. Available online from Northwest River Supplies at

if you want a cheap
paddle which is strong for about $25-35 carlisle makes a basic kayak paddle with feathered pin set up.

Your current paddle
My vote is to spend money for the paddle you really want and use the one you have as a backup. That way your back-up paddle is free!-)

aluminum shaft, plastic blade

Ebay! Okay, Bending Branches…
Look on Ebay for used paddles. You can often find high quality, used paddles for a lot less than retail.

Okay, if you can’t stand the “buyer beware” aspect of Ebay, try a Bending Branches Whisper (also marketed as Whisper Dream). Under $30, aluminum shaft, strong plastic paddle (I was afraid of breaking it but haven’t even come close), three-position feathering, asymmetrical, curved paddle design.

While it’s not your $300 kevlar and spiderweb paddle and it won’t do your taxes, you might find this paddle to be an excellent backup. Heck, I use it as my primary because…I can do my own taxes!

Aquabound Seaclude
Hardy, reliable, nearly indestructable.

Second paddle
I too recommend a Carlisle RS Magic. I got mine for less than $70. I bought mine as a spare, but ended up liking it so much I use it more than my Werner.