Inexpensive boat stand alternative

Folding boat stands are handy for working on craft, storage, etc., but run about $80-100/pair. I’ve had good results using cloth-top, collapsible camp tables, especailly those with adjustable tension ( Not quite the same thing but they work for me and run only about $15/pair.

I recently saw…
someone using the tripod camping stools for the same purpose. The little ones that a backpacker would use.



Folding camp stools
I got 4 Lafuma’s for about $7 each a few years ago from Sierratradingpost. I use them to store boats in the garage, work on them, and have even used them as a step to tie boats on my van.

Here is one for $10:

2 sawhorses and a pool noodle on topNM

Basically same idea, I use folding plastic sawhorses and minicell foam canoe carriers on top, fits right on the sawhorses and supports the boats very well.

Bill H.