Inexpensive Canoe Pack??

Cheap alternative to a smaller Duluth Pack? What do you think??

Hard to tell
without seeing it. It is pretty small, which is ok as long as you know what you need. Duluth bags are very well made using high quality materials - of course they also cost a pretty penny. Rugged reliability is important though depending on what you are using it for.

I just picked up a surplus lg USA ALICE
pack with frame for $43 with shipping in ex condit from Alleghenyoutlet on eBay that I like. Big main pocket with interior pocket and vinyl coated cover, 6 outside pockets of various sizes to keep stuff sorted out out and easily accessible, and lash points. Comfortable and light weight frame that I may try to modify to double as a stool. They have them from $20 up depending on condition. Other surplus outfits have them too. R

Never been a fan
of packs with frames on canoe trips, nor of packs with lots of pockets. I like one huge pack that I can water proof with one big liner. Only limit is that it is not so big that it gets too heavy to carry across a portage. A full size portage pack usually works well for me. Personally I have found that frames make it harder to pack the canoe and are not needed for the typically short carries we have on trips. But - to each his own I suppose.

Looks pretty good…
But, of course, the stitching and fabric weight are what really counts for durability. Doesn’t show up well in a photo.

I have a cotton canvas “Musette” bag that is slightly smaller than the one you’re looking at. I picked it up for under $20 at a surplus store. I’m sure they could be had online for similar prices. Mine has clip attachments on the bottom of the straps which is a really handy feature, since it can be “clipped” on to a thwart of the canoe quickly and easily so that you’d never be separated from it in the event of a capsize.

I use mine for every single paddle outing, no matter the length, I go on. It holds (in zip locks bags) first aid kit, compass, headlamps, candle lantern, TP, fire starting stuff, sunscreen, insect repellent, duct tape, knife, a rain poncho… all that stuff that might be needed at any time on any trip. It always travels in the back of the truck when ever I’m not paddling.

The bag you’re looking at, if of good quality, could be really handy. I wouldn’t say its a substitute for something like the standard #3 Duluth pack which is better suited to tents, clothes, sleeping bags, etc. Anything of comparable size to what you’re looking at would be pretty expensive if made by Duluth Bag Co., I’d think. There are better deals to be had in the smaller bag sizes and you’re probably looking at one.

1536 cu inches is small IMO
unless you are a very small and ultra-light packer.

Have you considered contacting Piragis or one of the other Ely area outfitters to see if they have any used packs? Some pretty good deals are to be had in the used market.


I’m Thinking It’s a Bit Small
May be o.k. for cook kit and odds & ends, but I’d look a bit bigger.

better to just go Sealine

Never been
a fan. Hard to pack and when they leak anyway. Duluth #3 or #4 with a $2.50 plastic liner. Sleeping bag in a waterproof stuff sack as well. I’m happy.