Inexpensive Car Rack

Thanks for your input. I have a '03 Camry and no way to move my 9’6" kayak. Foam blocks were a no go. I have seen a car rack called the “Highland Telescopic Universal Bar Carrier” on Amazon for $40. Sounds too good, but anyone know if it is a good choice. Money is an object. Open to other ideas.

Might Try…

I’ve never owned a set, so I cannot vouch for the system. Just seems a better price than Yakima or Thule.


on my '84 Camry for 15 years
works like a charm, carried yaks and canoes for years, never a problem

I have a set of Quik-N-Easy Racks
But you need a car that has the rain gutters. The usually means an older car. If anyone wants them, send me an e-mail. I guess I should list them in the classfied ads.

Advance Auto $40.00
Clips in under the door gasket.