Inexpensive Dry Bags

Im not very experienced at canoeing and may do a 2-day trip on Current River, MO. Since I don’t go canoeing often, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on dry bags. There will probably be two canoes each carrying gear for two guys and some gear used by all. I may be carrying a propane latern,stove and propane bottles- is this a good idea or a no-no?

Any tips or links to websites on inxepensive dry bags? Im thinking about some duffle bags and packs from Goodwill and lots of large zip lock bags and trash bags. Then maybe tie everything together with some type of cargo net.

I was also reading here about float bags to help keep a canoe from sinking. They were using stuff bags with milk jugs in them. I don’t think Current River is that wild so is float bags necessary? Then again a swamped canoe is heavy.

An Alternative to Dry bags…

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...for canoes - use a five gallon plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid. We get the ones used for salt beef, or else cooking oils for restaurants. You can also use garbage bags within these for things that absolutely must stay dry, but the bucket usually does the trick, and also does double duty as a campsite seat.

Ziploc bags
Ziploc bags are not waterproof,water resistant maybe. The Outdoor stores have retrofit lods for the five gallon plastic pails that are truly waterproof,just seen them advertized but have never used one.


Scout your
local big box stores… I wanted some back up bags for occasional use, and Walmart had some giant dry bags from their own Ozark Trails or Ozark Creek brand. Massively huge, with backpack straps, and only $15 each. Original price wasn’t bad either, at around $25 or $30.

Dry bags
At the Wal-mart I go to, they have big yellow bag with no straps for only $12.I’ve been using mine for two years and still dry.

Dry Bags

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I see you live in W KY. Go to Sam's Club in Paducah if close and get the set of 2 big dry bags made by Lewis and Clark. One has backpack straps and the other is standard issue dry bag. I looked at them the other day and was impressed for the money. Less then $20 for the set.

Have fun.


Walmart bags
or any of the discount store drybags are ok, but I would bag anything I really don’t want wet in a big zip lock or a space bag inside as the do leak occassionally.

weather tex
makes some pretty good, pretty inexpensive dry bags.

ems, campmor, rei…the usual retailers.

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Use what you have.
IF you happen to have a foodsaver vacuum sealer, then I would suggest you can use that on a few things that absolutely must not get wet. Then the inexpensive options listed here are not as much a worry if they leak a little. The compression also means that they may take up less space, possibly a real advantage for you on a trip.

Keep in mind though, that this is only good on the way, not the way back, as once you cut them open, they don’t reseal (unless you take the sealer with you and have 110v outlets at your campsite). Just a thought. I keep a couple of emergency items in small vac-sealed bags w/ me “just in case”, and I never have to worry about them getting wet.