Inexpensive options for a kids kayak pad

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I have just purchased an EPITOT kayak for my almost four year old. It is 21" wide and he is about 39" tall. I am trying to find a inexpensive route in getting a paddle for him. A 5' Cavieness has been suggested to me since they are only around $40 but I am told that I would still need to shorten it. Was told that a 4' would be too short for the boat but a 5' would be a little too long for my son. I have seen some comments on other sites where people have said they bought a paddle that breaks down and have just left a section out but they didn't say what the finished length was. It seems that a sectioned paddle would be the easiest to modify by either leaving out a section or cutting a section down and drilling new holes, or both. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He will only be using it on the lake or class I rivers. Thanks in advance for the help.

Just a thought
Get a cheap paddle, remove the blades and attach them to a wood dowel? I’ve never seen paddles for paddlers that small. Good luck!

Randy, 4’ is still WAY too long
What are the blade dimensions ? How tall is your boy ?

Part two here is if you have not already witnessed it, you will be amazed @ your sons natural balance in the boat … If it still seems big for him, for sure put something under the seat so he sits up a little higher for more reach around the gunnels.

How cheap?

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I couldn't find any kids paddles in my area and I needed some for the weekend. I picked up some $8 inflatable boat oars (the $25 kind of inflatable boat). They come in short sections and screw together into two small oars or a small bladed kayak paddle. They have been great for the kids on their 6' SOT's. They are 5' long with a 6"x12" teardrop blade.

Your paddle - important
Is your 4 year old really concerned about paddle length?

I’ve got two bits that says you’re going to be the outboard motor with a tow line if any distance is involved. Given this typical scenario your paddle should be the one of consideration. Remember 4 year olds will also use a paddle to build sand castles. Skip the carbon fiber for now for him anyway.

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answer to your questions
He is 39" tall. The kayak is 21" wide and 5’9" long. I have not purchased any type of paddle as of yet so no blade dimensions.

answer to your question
It’s not that he is concerned about the length of the paddle and I figure that I will probably be pulling him a lot. But I do want him to have the proper equipment for his size and the size of his kayak so that when he does want to paddle on his own he can do so. I would think that if he were trying to paddle with a paddle that is too long (or too short) he would be more likely get frustrated and give up cause it would be harder on him than it should be.

How cheap?
Less than $40 wou ld be great but hey, the cheaper the better.

Make him a greenland paddle. A 1x4 is cheap so making him a new one as he grows is no big deal. My 7yo daughter’s gp is stained purple, I think that’s why she wanted a gp.