Inexpensive SOT for Friends

Any thoughts on quality low price SOTs? I’d like to have one for friends to use on calm lakes. I’m thinking under 450 since if I wanted to spend more, I could probably get a used Tarpon 100 around here. It doesn’t need to be over 10’. Heavy isn’t good. Thanks!

Light, cheap and SOT don’t really go together.

You don’t mention your location so it is probably pointless for anybody to suggest models since we would have no idea what used boats would be available near you. If that is your budget, your best best would be to do a local search on Facebook marketplace and cross reference the specs and weights on what you find via Google search.

There are a couple of guys who have made YouTube videos where they review and compare low priced sit on tops so that might be somewhere to start. You will be hard pressed to find a “quality” SOT that is cheap and not heavy. You may want to consider looking for small used solo canoes like an Old Town Guide 119. Still heavy at around 50 pounds but often turn up cheap and are fine for pond paddling.

Plenty of flimsy discount store junk out there with seat hardware that breaks loose and hulls that warp and crack – how much do you like your friends?


Every kayak company CFO dreams of solving this puzzle.

Ocean Kayak brand seems good for that.

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A used Ocean Kayak (brand name)

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I paddled an OK Twister up in Canada last year. It was pretty fun to paddle! There might be other boats in that 600+ range that are better, though.

Cheap and Sit on Top go together, Light does not!

Pelican NXT sit on top will meet everything on your list. Grab one from whatever flavor of sporting goods box store is local to you. Will it be inspiring to paddle for an experienced kayaker. Not at all likely. Will that make a bit of difference to an inexperienced buddy, who just thinks it’s novel to get out on the water with you,or hamper their enjoyment? Also unlikely. They’re not bomb proof sturdy, but they’ll last just fine if you store it appropriately and don’t abuse it too much. Lots of people like to talk crap on them without ever having owned one, or just taking a few horror stories to heart (conveniently ignoring the PROPORTIONALLY similar number of bad experience there are around the things they’d suggest or prefer).

Alternatively, you might consider an inflatable paddle board. They’re light, stiffish, and can have a seat added to them so you can sit and paddle like a kayak.


Thank you! I’d actually love to get a paddle board again, but I’m holding out for a rigid board. Maybe a sup-yak or a SIC or Tahe.
I’ll check out that kayak!

Confluence may have discontinued the Pelican NXT. However, resellers may still have stock and there are a couple of other models in the 10-foot / 40 - 45 lb range.