Inexpensive Sunglasses

I’m looking for some inexpensive polarized sunglasses to use when kayaking. I want to keep to inexpensive models because I plan to lose them when I roll :slight_smile: OK, I don’t plan to lose them, but I will lose them. Recommendations and places to buy?


Hard Lesson Learned
After losing two pairs of very expensive Ray Bans on the water, I stick to inexpensive sunglasses.

I lost one pair in a whitewater wipeout, but I lost another to a stupid “opppsss” on a dead calm ocean.

…but what really knocked me out…
…was the cheap sunglasses (from the Dollar Store)…uh, how much are these?

I was checking the obvious internet sites: Campmor, Sierra TP and Cheaper than Dirt, MEC, but forgot about Wallys.

how are you guys losing sunglasses?
I’m just trying to imagine a scenario in which my glasses would be torn from my face. Don’t you guys use tightening croakies? I use those for my sunglasses (prescription) or I use a set of Rec Specs which have a head strap. I’ve been in some pretty rough whitewater and surf and have never had the glasses even budge from my head. Plus in whitewater doesn’t the helmet secure the glasses on your head even more?

Fleet farm?
I don’t know what part of the country you are in, but in Minnesota, Fleet Farm has some cheap ones in their fishing department. They are about the same price as the ones others have found at Wll Mart but you don’t have to go there.


no longer buy expensive ones
I only buy 7 dollar pairs now. Ive gotten mine at the local ranch supply, but anyplace like home depot, ben franklin, eagle, ace hardware may sell too. all the ones sold are UV with some and many polarized too. Why pay 200 bucks for a pair thats going to get broke. Ive lost about 1k’s worth of sunglasses due to break so Ive switched to the cheap ones. Thats the way to go!


Zebco used to make fishing glasses with
flip-up polarized lenses. The flip-up feature was great. First, if the sun disappears because of passing clouds, just flip them up. Second, if you roll, they aren’t trying to pull off your face because the flip-up feature allows them to wave around with the current. Third, if you SUCCEED at rolling, and the lenses are all droppy, you can lift them out of the way.

The main downside was that the flip up swivel could come apart, but I found a way to put a backup lashing around it so it would stay together.

I found mine in the fishing section of Sports Authority, but it was at least ten years ago. You might need to look around a bit…

I can’t speak for anyone else…
…but the way I usually lose mine is, I put 'em down & they’re gone. I wish I could keep hold of them longer because I would buy a good pair but it’s a “lost” cause.

Floating Zaveral
I got some for 9.95 a couple of years ago. Several tints were available & I got blue.

adjustable croakies and a
float on them. Wearing cheap glasses will giev you headahes and ruin you eyes. something decent will pay in the end with a tiny pit of care and an adjustable strap and float.