inexpensive surf/beach play kayak

We are heading to Naples (4), fla next week for a week or 2 and have always wanted a little kayak toy for close to shore play (we are driving our van) we have sit in kayaks but dont want to bring them with us but one little sit-on-top could work on top the van and easily stored at the condo. Wondering about an ocean kayak type? or similar - could maybe find one before we leave or maybe even down there. any suggestions? Renting at the beach is pretty expensive and a one time deal ! thanks!!

Used WW boat?
Something like the Inazone, or older to a Pirouette or inbetween to a Dagger RPM? They fit the parameters of cheap and travel well. Only issue is that you’d probably need to get a large deck skirt for them - could cost as much as these boats do now.

Surf Yak Possibles
Hi, Did a bit of research a while back on a surf/play SOT yaks and Cobra Strike seemed a favorite for good performance and forgivingness, but haven’t found a used one yet. Other candidates included Cobra Wavewitch, Preception Torrent. Took lessons in a WW style SIK with skirt and it worked ok but couldn’t roll so had to do wet exits and swim it in to retry. Flat bottom, hard rails, skeg(s), thigh straps (for SOT), and paddle leash were essential/important. I’m a newbie at surfing and tried a softer chine little SOT loaner boat a while back but had control and remounting problems. Hope this helps. Rick

Have skirts already
as we have nylon ones to fit our huge cockpit sparkys and breezes- barely used. I will probably need to look current as i dont have much time before we leave. thanks

BIC Sport SOTs
We sell BIC Sport kayaks in our shop, and we love 'em. There are 3 boats of theirs that might do well for you, to bring along to the beach. They are all fairly small boats: The Yakka, the Ouassou, or the Bilbao. The Yakka folds in half, the Ouassou is a great surfing boat (especially if you get thigh straps), and the Bilbao is a good small SOT for recreational use. Check them all out at their website:

The Ouassou is only $369!

Take a look at Ocean Kayak’s “Yak

We don’t go to the beach without it.

Lots of fun surfing or just cruising.

It’s a small SOT made especially for play at the beach.



Ditto the Strike
Strike is best for surfing but will be bit unstable for noobies to just goof around in the surf. An Ocean kayak Frenzy would be my suggestion for what you want to do.

husbands 225 lbs so a yak board probably wouldnt work for him - but a frenzy may - and there is one locally here at rei. is a frenzy similar to a yak board?

No Frenzy has different hull shape

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The yak board is designed for surfing but does not perform very well. A Frenzy has a pronounced middle section that some call a keel. It makes the boat very very stable ... up to a point. The Frenzy will float 220 lbs with no issues, Here are pictures of my wife's friend who I gave a surf kayak lesson to in a Frenzy. I'm guessing she weighed about 260. Suzanne is about 140 lbs lighter and surfering the Strike. You can see the Strike is a more high performance boat and made more just for surfing. That being said I use my Strike quite a bit for coastal paddles and just getting out on the water. My Son's friend owns a Yakboard we would give it C- as a surf toy and a D as a kayak.

WS Ripper
The Wilderness systems Ripper is fun, small and a decent sit on top. I use it for river running, lakes and some Whitewater. It is a good all around boat.


Cobra Play or Escape
The Cobra Strike has a planing (flat) hull and is a true surf kayak. Cobra’s basic hull design is more versatile; it has a built-in keel to help with tracking and comes in a variety of sizes, from smallest to largest: Play, Escape, Explorer, Navigator, Tandem/Fish & Dive. The Play’s probably too small; it’s really a kid’s boat. The Escape might work for you.

cobras look interesting
but none around here in my area - across state there are a couple of dealers but too far to drive and I like to see what i buy first or at least one just like it! unfortunately i dont have much to choose from - mainly ocean kayak frenzy ha ha (1) locally i know of. thanks for all the input. nm

The frenzy is ok…
in the surf,I tried one in Dominican Rep.this spring. I pack the thigh straps when I travel just to play in the surf, the resorts don’t have them.I had a blast with the thing, its faster than my yak board while trying to catch waves but its still a bit of work to make it behave

Craigslist for TampaBay has quite a few kayaks for sale. Also there’s a listing for ft myers/sw fl but thye don’t have as many. Check also.

OK Frenzy & Scrambler
I own the OK Frenzy and Scrambler. Both are fun in the surf. When the waves are big and breaking hard I use the Frenzy. The Scrambler works good when there are steep swells that are just topping off. Scrambler will pearl on steep waves so lean back!

We have a couple Feel Free Nomads
and think they’re a blast!

9’10" long, 30" wide, weigh 44 lbs. and have a capacity of 330+ lbs.

We use them mostly in surf but they are great in whitewater, too.