Infant PFD help

Any first hand experiences and recommendations with infant-specific PFD’s as to brands, sizing for less than 30 pounds, fit and ability to self-right its tiny wearer? Since wife and I always wear a PFD, our 9 month old grand daughter will be forced to wear one until old enough to decide on her own.

WaveLength Magazine

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WaveLength Magazine - Published on Vancouver Island, British Columbia wrote an article about one that looked very good. The article appeared about a year ago. The name escapes me, but if I saw the name I'd recognize it.

Maybe this can get you started in the right direction. You may be able to contact them.

EDIT: Found the article for you. Very enlightening. Please read.

Infant PFDs
Here’s what we’ve put our kids in:

No matter what type of PFD, two things are critical for children: 1) big time floatation for the head. Their legs are not developed enough to give them the weight that will hold them upright, so the collar must do the work. 2) a REALLY strong grab handle or loop. The loop is what you will grab if they go over, so make sure it is stout.

Putting kids in boats early is wonderful. Try this: As soon as they can crawl around and stand, give them a sponge and tell them their job is “to keep the boat dry.” It gives them something to do, engages them in the activity around them and helps them learn some “sea legs.”

MTI Adventurewear
Check them out in the Buyers’ Guide:


MTI Adventure…
is what we use for our infant daughter. It fits very well, is comfortable for her and she doesn’t seem to mind at all.