Inflable Kayaks & Gators

As a Brit planning to use an inflatable Kayak on Florida Lakes & Rivers what is the possible dangers with Alligators (I’m not necessarily concerned but my wife is !!

As long as…
…it’s not mating season (late Spring?) and it’s not this type of inflatable you should be OK.

Inflable Kayaks & Gators
No that one stays in the pool. I was thinking of a Stearns. What would be better a canoe or kayak

don’t worry…
about gators, there more afraid of you, than you are of them.



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that's a much of a problem. A good pump helps, though, some of those suckers are pretty big -maybe a trip to the gas station is better... Gave one to a friend's daughter a few years back (visiting from Seattle -they only knew about "Inflatable Kayaks and Bears"), was blue in the face after I finshed blowiing it up.

But if you DO come across one as it floats along, just

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

Gators think of inflatable kayaks like
hot dogs - soft and chewy on the outside , meaty in the middle.

Inflatable Kayaks & Gators
In view of the comments by string I do not propose to use ketchup or mustard as sun cream