inflatable backrest

I was wondering if this would help. I got a prijon seayak and after paddling a few hours my lower back starts to hurt.The rec yak that I have doesn’t bother me. I dont want to change backbands or seats cause hopefully I’ll have a new boat next year and this one will be gone.

thanks :


Try an inflatable
paddle float/backrest from Eddyline.I had a P& H Capella. The only way that I could paddle it was to use the back float.You wrap it around your back rest ,fasten it with the velcro straps,and inflate it. It gives you lumbar support. Hope it works.


Take a look at the ones Pygmy offers.

take a look at…
Sealine has a self inflatable back pad. It works like a therma-rest ground pad. Very comfy!