Inflatable fanny PFD for surfski

Does anyone have any experience using one of those fairly new inflatable fanny PFD’s with a surfski. I see a lot of Stand Up Paddlers using them.

Inflatable PFDs

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I have a couple of the fanny pack inflatables. They make great sense for SUPs on lakes because the board itself is the prime floating device. With a tether/leash we'll always climb back on that big board. Inflatables cover various state/provincial laws but is seldom used because once deployed it must be put on, and the horse collar design inhibits paddling bio-mechanics.

Fanny pack Inflatables are problematical for paddlecraft for the same reasons. If you need a PFD you need one that is already on the body and that minimizes interference with paddling.

No experience
But I would think it might get in the way of rotation.

Mountain Paddler

Joseph Di Chiacchio

fanny packs don’t work on skis
Fanny pack inflatables rub the bucket. Tried my SUP fanny pack once. Not again.

It you want an inflatable for the surfski then the vest style is the way to go.

I’ve gotten to the point that I have a regular old vest for paddling. Don’t really like the inflatables. If it is so hot that I’m having heat illness then I’ll lash the pfd to the boat but when it is that hot then I’m probably on the lagoon and it is probably miserable florida flat and humid so heat illness is a high risk and drowning risk low.

If it is blowing enough to be worth being out on the surfski then a good paddling vest is best.

Works fine but worn forward
I’ve used the MTI Fluid with my ski and its worn pouch side forward. Works fine. Buckle sits high enough out of the bucket on my Fenn Mako 6

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