Inflatable Fishing Kayak?

I’m trying to narrow down my selection of inflatable fishing kayaks. These are the ones I’m looking at.

Blackfoot Angler 125 HB
Blackfoot Angler 110 HB
Chinook 120


Elkton Outdoors:
Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak, Inflatable Touring Angler

I may also get one of these:
Classic Accessories:
Colorado XTS
Colorado XT

I’m 6’2" 250lbs, so something that can carry me and my gear. So 400-600lb capacity would be good.
I’d like it to be fishing ready or close to ready. So having at least 2 rod holders would be nice. If it came with paddle and pump that would be great. But if not a recommendation fro paddle and pump would be.
I’d like to stay under $1000 for kayak, paddle, pump, etc.

Let me know your opinions on these.

I haven’t paddled it, but I like the looks of the Star Pike sold by NRS and Amazon,etc… I saw the NRS version at Canoecopia a couple of times and it is pretty impressive. If I have to go to an inflatable at some point in time, that would be my first consideration.There are a few reviews on Youtube.

We bought a Star for my son, and I continue to be impressed by it.

Dear JD,

I’m in your boat but I got you by about 100 pounds. I currently own a Native Slayer 12XC which is a wonderful kayak for fishing but not if you can’t just sit it on your dock and drop it in the water. I kayak fish with my wife and even though we have a trailer that easily handles my kayak and her Eagle Talon 12 the whole process of launching and recovering is a giant PITA.

I’m 60 and my wife is a few years older. Twenty years ago we’d have just muscled them around but now it’s not as much fun. They are currently for sale with a deal pending, and once they are gone I’ll shed no tears.

I’ve narrowed our choices down to the Aquaglide Blackfoot 125HB or the NRS Star Pike. My brother has a Classic Accessories Colorado that he hasn’t been able to use much yet because of ankle surgery. That is also on my consider.

If you are looking for something lightweight to just use for fishing I’d suggest you check out Dave Scadden boats. They are built almost exclusively for fishermen.


Tim Murphy :slight_smile:

Harrisburg, PA