Inflatable flyfishing kayaks

I am wanting to buy a kayak to flyfish in the East TN tailwaters. I am looking at the NRS Mav.II, Aire Lynx II, and the Star Inflatables TK200 with a rowing frame. Any advice or experience with inflatables for flyfishing on class 1-3 rapids is greatly appreciated.

Inflatable Fishing
Check out Herb Burton’s Fly Shop on the Trinity River at Lewiston. He guides in inflatables for salmon and steelhead on the Trininity in Class II/III/IV. I have seen guys in Avons and in Aire’s doing really well on the Northwest Coasts of Calif and Oregon. Go Cal Bears.

Have you looked at Water Skeeter inflatables? They are pontoon boats and do well for fishing.


Inflatable flyfishing kayaks
Thanks for the reply. I don’t really want a pontoon setup. I decided on an Aire Lynx II. I wanted a boat with no frame that could hold 2 people and fit easily in the back of a car. I looked at the Outcast Kayak but it is for 1 person only. I wanted something that could handle some WW and get me to the better fishing holes.